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Gin then and now

The Gin Blogger aims to bring you regular and interesting news, information and tips on all things gin related!
My early memories of gin date back to the 1980's, where gin was drunk in the local yacht and golf clubs by "older" people, who were formally dressed and seemed to me at the time to enter into a lot of dull conversations. Occasionally I would drink gin, but more often my choice was rum. This was more of a sailors drink!
A number of years ago in the USA, we returned from sailing and were offered a couple of stiff G and T's. This was to lead to a gin drinker, which has in turn created a great interest in the subject.
How times have changed ; gin now has a wide appeal to a huge age range including young people. The Gin Revolution is in full swing and growing rapidly. The emergence of new distilleries and new brands, makes for a hugely interesting topic to share.
We hope you will enjoy all our posts and chat!


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