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Better the devil you know!

Hundreds of new, exciting craft gins out there, but where to start! Beautiful bottles, lovely labels, adventurous aromatics and an array of botanicals guaranteed to overwhelm and impress. But which bottle should I buy first?

When setting up Twitter, I set about following a large number of brands, both large and small, but in particular ones who proclaimed to be craft and artisanal. Who would follow me back first and who would want to follow someone who has no followers! Several minutes passed and my first follower came along - Pickering's Gin. Funny how I haven't forgotten who it was and probably never will! I was off the starting blocks and life as a Gin Blogger had begun. The other brands followed and I thank each and every one of you who has. 

Problem solved! I would buy my first official bottle of 'blogging gin' based on my first follower. I was not disappointed. What a way to begin and they have the cutest van on the planet. This is truly a lovely gin and having now tried a lot of others, still a favourite. The distinctive rounded bottle, tempting wax seal or quirky bearskin hat combined with smooth flavours, makes it a 'must buy' gin! Pickering's produce three main brands, alongside limited edition bottles. They are based on a Bombay recipe that was kept secret until 1947 and it is hand-crafted at Summerhall in Edinburgh. It is the first gin distillery to be established in Edinburgh for over 150 years.

Pickering's Gin is lovingly made by its creators, Marcus Pickering and Matthew Gammell, who bring a love of gin and many skills! Guided tours and tastings are on offer at Summerhall, built on the site of an old animal hospital. The end of the tour even includes a drink at the next door bar, where the gin is piped directly from the distillery!

If you've time on your hands, don't forget to check out their distillery- themed escape game. Solve the clues in less than an hour and help to save the gin! If you want to be truly up-to-date, make sure you become a 'ginfriend' and receive lots of information on Pickering's products and events before everyone else. 

So why then, when I went to choose another gin recently, did I once again find myself reaching for another bottle of Pickering's - Better the devil you know! 

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