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Best served with friends

There is never a better time to put down your thoughts, than when you get to the last drop in the bottle and have truly savoured every bit! 

I must admit to being in the habit of preferring to taste a gin before buying a whole bottle, but this time I decided to take a gamble as the offer was too good to miss.

The gin I am talking about is a delicious bottle of Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin, which comes in a very beautiful blue bottle. The offer was with the Gin Parlour and seemed to sell out very quickly. No wonder with so many craft gin fanatics around these days. I can highly recommend the Gin Parlour for anyone who likes to buy their gin online. Great on Twitter and a lovely personal note in the box. Only hiccup was that the bottle arrived a day early and was left in full view on my doorstep. Luckily we live in a good neighbourhood and anyone who noticed the bottle was very honest. 

And so to the gin. A lovely warm slightly spicy aroma when we opened it and thoroughly enjoyed in our Gin Festival glasses! Homegrown Elderflower plus ten other botanicals make up this aromatic gin. This is my recommendation for the weekend. So get onto the Gin Parlour or seek it out at your nearest gin specialist. As the bottle says "Best served with friends."

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