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The 12 Gins of Christmas

Some of you may be wondering what has happened to the big gin countdown! Apologies, but I have had a problem with my site for the last few days so here comes number 10, 9 and 8 all together.

Coming in at number 10 is the wonderfully popular Edinburgh Gin. If you like your G and T highly aromatic and on the nose, then this is for you. The nose is lightly confected and fruity, with bold citrus notes. The palate is sweet with some raspberry and cherry blossom that lead onto herbal elements. 

Ideas for Christmas can include trying this Gin as a Negroni cocktail which is made from one part gin, one part vermouth rosso and one part Campari, garnished with orange peel. 

Coming in at number 9 is Monkey 47 from Black Forest Distillers in Germany. This unique gin truly does have 47 botanicals, including 6 different peppers and it is bottled at 47% abv! The recipe of this fabulous gin, can be traced to the personal recipe of a British RAF Officer. He lived in the Black Forest in the 1950's and planned to become a watchmaker. Aren't we fortunate that he changed his mind! Wine critic Robert Parker once wrote that it was 'the greatest gin that he had ever tasted.' 

After distillation, the spirit rests for 3 months in earthenware crocks. It's then reduced for bottling. 

Number 8 in our countdown is the wonderfully named 6 O'Clock Gin! This is certainly gin time in my household and I have never been a huge fan of gin at lunchtime. Bramley and Gage own the distillery  and are based in Thornbury in Bristol. They were originally fruit farmers, but started to make strawberry fruit liqueur when they realised it was worth a lot more than fresh strawberries! 

This is a classic English Gin. Only 7 botanicals come together to create this Gin. These include orange peel and elderflower. These guys are pretty unique as they have their own tonic and be sure to check out their other flavours of gin. Sloe gin, organic sloe and damson gin ; what fabulous flavours for Christmas time! 

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