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The 12 Gins of Christmas

Gin number 7 in our list is the delicious Plymouth Gin. The Black Friars Distillery opened in 1793 and by the end of the nineteenth century was supplying over 1,000 casks of Navy Strength a year to the British Navy. It has notes of soft juniper, citrus, menthol, sage and a delicate sweetness. Other botanicals include coriander, angelica, orris root and cardamom. 

Number 6 in our 12 Gins of Christmas is the very popular Hendrick's from William Grant and Sons. This is a Scottish Gin that has been with us since 1999. The distillers remain family-owned and independent.

The distilling process is quite unusual. Hendrick's use a blend of spirits from one still, alongside a vintage pot still. They are then blended together before essences of rose and cucumber are added. Coriander seeds dominate with citric top notes and spiciness. This brand has been the inspiration behind many of the new artisan and craft distillers. 

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